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About Me

Hello from Chicago! My name is Ishan and I'm an 18 year old cross-disciplined designer & developer currently attending The Ohio State University. I also make music!

I have 6+ years of experience with a variety of cutting-edge programming languages and development technologies. These include: Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Phaser, XNA, R. Photoshop, and the Skeleton Boilerplate.

I co-founded Topbox Software when I was 16 years old with my friend, Zachary Jordan. Zach and I began developing applications in the summer of 2014, and achieved legal entity status in the fall of 2015. We regularly produce websites, games, apps on Android, and everything in between...most of it for free!

Got a project you'd like some help with? Questions? Hate mail?

Reach out and let's talk about it.